In Sensory Processes lab we aim to understand how sensory input is turned into perceptual experience focusing on visual and haptic signals.

We are curious about how we use our sensory systems to make sense of the 3D world around us, its shape and materials. How do we see 3D shape from 2D pictures? Materials change the way we perceive and interact with objects, but how does material and motion affect the way we see object shapes? How do we perceive materials by touching? Do we explore differently to feel the softness of velvet or hand cream?

We are using a combination of behavioural, psychophysics and neuroimaging techniques in combination with specialised computer graphics and 3D rendering to explore these questions that focus on the way we see and touch stuff.

We have multiple positions available... If you are interested in doing a graduate degree or postdoc research in the lab, send me an email @dicled!